X specialized exhibition "Heat. Water. The air in 2017"

The Exhibition ”Heat. Water. Air’ 2017” aims to provide an excellent opportunity to use experience of leading producers, to familiarize with the most modern heat-, energy-, resource-saving technologies and materials for production, installation, operation installation of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, water supply and sanitation, water treatment, advanced automation.. Special attention at the exhibition will be given to energy saving, restoring energy production technologies. The exhibition will traditionally rich business program (seminars, presentations). ...
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Alternative Energy Week

From 13 to 16 March 2017, supported by the Ministry of Energy and coal industry of Ukraine will host the largest national conference "Alternative Energy Week". The event will be held at the Chamber of Commerce and industry of Ukraine.  Week alternative energy is not a classical boring conference, to which all are accustomed, it is absolutely new format, new approach, new ideas and new technologies towards the development of alternative energy. Four days, four exciting conferences, each devoted to one of the types of renewable energy: solar, wind, bioenergy and energy in in...
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Forum "New life atmograph. The development of green business in Ukraine"

Nuclear power occupies a prominent place in the energy mix of Ukraine. Nuclear power stations produce about 52% of Ukrainian electricity. Five cities that were built to service nuclear power stations are centers of concentration of unique engineering and scientific personnel of Ukraine, which have huge development potential. But what happens when nuclear plant closes? What the future holds for the satellite towns of nuclear power plants? March 4-5, 2017 nemolodogo in city of Ukraine – Slavutych we will gather representatives from 5 cities atomograds to talk about the future. Rep...
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Green building. Make it happen!

March 2 in the framework of the International exhibition Kyiv Build host a conference on green building and energy efficiency in residential and commercial real estate. Green building is a new construction standard aimed at improving the environmental friendliness, comfort, energy saving and energy efficiency of buildings. This practice expands and complements the classical building design concepts of economy, utility and durability. The conference aims to explore the practicality and relevance of "green" directions for the Ukrainian commercial and residential properties. ...
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Discussion club "energy Efficiency: a modern trend or necessity? 28.02.2017

28 February at 14.00 at the hotel "Stanislaviv" the European Union delegation to Ukraine arranges a discussion club, which will discuss the following questions: Energy efficiency, electric cars, solar panels – is a privilege or a whim of the rich? Energy conservation is a strategic investment or the dream of a naive person? You can be energy efficient with a low family budget? In the discussion club "energy Efficiency: a modern trend or a necessity?", which is held in the framework of the information project "the EU: the choice of the Ukrainian you...
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First Echoconference "ECOLOGICAL SAFETY of the ENTERPRISE: the Law. Practice. The new technology"

Publishing house "MEDIA-PRO" together with the magazine "ecology of the ENTERPRISE" invites heads and specialists of security services, top managers and HRD for the First Echoconference "ECOLOGICAL SAFETY of the ENTERPRISE: the Law. Practice. New technologies".  The aim of the conference is to create a professional platform for exchange of experience and information on key energy efficiency issues and prospects of environmental management. The first ECO-conference designed to debunk myths about: Energy management in Ukraine: a fashionable trend ...
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Green school

Green school is a unique 4-day intensive course whose goal is the unification and motivation of people to create new eco-projects.  Our mentors will give you detailed instructions on how to become a conscious consumer and to make the world around us cleaner and more harmonious. As well as helping to figure out how to make money on Koprivica and to make this sustainable ecological business.  In our lectures we will cover all aspects of the environmental movement in the country and the world. Quickly, clearly and effectively we will open before you a new world that can become ...
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How to get loans and grants for alternative energy projects - the Business Breakfast Club of Alternative Energy

The first year the lion's share of Europe shows the great potential of Ukraine in the development of alternative energy. Yes, the potential is indeed impressive, but why did the development of this industry moves in incremental steps? What prevents to unlock the potential? The answer to these questions and many others in our country from year to year is the same – not enough money for funding. All national experts and executives in one voice say that the main problem for the development of alternative energy in Ukraine is the insufficient financing of projects, and usually none...
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The basics of energy audits for all 24-25 January 2017

During the winter heating season, the owners of apartments and houses think about how you can save money on heating, gas and electricity and make the temperature in the house comfortable regardless of the weather.  Training on "Basics of energy audit of buildings and structures" you can learn how to determine the savings potential of the house and to plan energy saving measures.A three-day training consists of theoretical lectures, practical training and protection "homework". The training is conducted by Sergey Swischuk project Manager DTEK ESKO, professional...
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Towards "green" energy

23 Jan NEK "Ukrenergo" collect all "green" and experts to talk about: how to simplify access to networks Ukrenergo "green"; how to make the most of the available information about the network capabilities Ukrenergo for "green" and what should it contain; what to do in order to https://www.facebook.com/events/1846719672216140/improve the prediction of the production of "green" electricity in Ukraine. Contact person for registration: Arkady Polyak tel 239-49-75  Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/1846719672216140/
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