How to get loans and grants for alternative energy projects - the Business Breakfast Club of Alternative Energy

The first year the lion's share of Europe shows the great potential of Ukraine in the development of alternative energy. Yes, the potential is indeed impressive, but why did the development of this industry moves in incremental steps? What prevents to unlock the potential?

The answer to these questions and many others in our country from year to year is the same – not enough money for funding. All national experts and executives in one voice say that the main problem for the development of alternative energy in Ukraine is the insufficient financing of projects, and usually none. A complex system of crediting of projects in Ukraine discourages their interest rates and small terms of repayment. And the receipt of grants from the state should not even dream of.

Which is not true of our European colleagues, for whom the provision of assistance to countries with weak economies is quite commonplace. A large number of international grants, financing programs and lending gives you the opportunity to develop not only alternative energy but also other areas in Ukraine. Our main lender is the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. This financial institution has developed its own system of crediting of the Ukrainian alternative energy projects by implementing a program of direct funding of green energy called USELF – loans up to €25 million For this program has already started construction of the second wind farm "Stary Sambir-2" capacity of 20.7 MW.

Get a full grant, a fairly complex process, more popular in the lending programs is the provision of a partial grant, but the Zhytomyr city Council managed to obtain a full grant to ₣15 million from the Swiss government in the framework of the project "energy Efficiency in communities", which for three years will be to improve the system of housing and communal services of the city. Despite the existence of such programmes, loans are not all, because European banks present their demands to the projects.

To learn the details of receipt of the international loan programs and grants You'll be able 26 January 2017 at the business Breakfast Club of Alternative Energy in the elegant atmosphere of a French restaurant "Tre Francais". The speaker meeting will be the coordinator of the program of crediting of the alternative energy USELF Ukraine Valentyn Didyk a report on the topic: "How to get loans and grants for alternative energy projects".

Business breakfasts Alternative Energy Club are held once a month in preparation for the "Week of alternative energy in Ukraine", which will take place March 13-16, 2017, and gather target audience, including owners, managers and top managers of companies operating in the field of renewable energy.