"ISTWE" Specialized exhibition of energy saving equipment and alternative energy sources

International specialized exhibition of energy saving equipment and alternative energy sources "ISTWE"

19 to 21 September 2017

Organizer: national Academy of agrarian Sciences of Ukraine

JV "Agroinkom"

with the support of the Ministry of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine.

International specialized exhibition of energy saving equipment and alternative energy sources "ISTWE" - it is a modern highly intensive technologies of energy-saving equipment, scientific developments and modern production technologies, use of electrical, thermal and mechanical energy of alternative sources of energy, which include solar, wind, geothermal energy, wave and tidal, hydropower, biomass energy, biogas from organic waste, sewage treatment plant, and secondary energy resources (blast furnace and coke gases, methane degasification of coal mines, transformation of waste energy potential of technological processes).

In the framework of the exhibition :


Thematic sections:

- manufacturers and suppliers of non-traditional equipment for the production of solar, thermal and wind energy;

- solar panels and fotovoltaica;

- equipment for biomass combustion;

- biogas plants;

- wind farm;

- energy saving equipment;

- technological equipment;

- alternative fuels and energy (biofuels);

- equipment and technologies of filtration and purification;

- equipment for heating of premises;

- medical equipment;

- light sources, softening and air purification;

 and air conditioning equipment;

- computer hardware and know-how;

machines and mechanisms;

accessories and related products, and the like.

In the saturated business program of the exhibition will be considered topical issues of the industry with the participation of famous experts of domestic and foreign experts of agricultural sector.

Each participant will have the opportunity to meet with scientists, experts, producers and consumers, to sign new contracts and expand the market. Thanks to the exhibition customers can better analyze the situation in this area and to build the correct strategy of the company, on the basis of demand not only in local but also international market. Don't miss the opportunity to promote themselves and their products.

 We invite You to take part in the International specialized exhibition of energy saving equipment and alternative energy sources "ISTWE" which will be held from 19 to 21 September 2017 in the Exhibition Center "KyivExpoPlaza" (Kyiv, vul. Salyutna 2-B).

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