The exhibition "GREENEXPO | Alternative energy industry 2017" 11.04.2017 - 14.04.2017

Today, the strategy of diversification of external sources and ways of energy supply is an important means of restructuring the economy and improving its competitiveness. The use of local resources and favorable geo-economic position is a direct way to achieve maximum efficiency of the enterprise.

GreenEXPO presents:

Engineering solutions and implementation methods
New technologies and developments
Successfully implemented projects
Exchange of experience with professionals
Prospects for investment

We invite you to dialogue, exploring the market and finding the right solutions to achieve the objectives of energy independence:

construction and design companies
industrial enterprises and mining
the food industry
the agricultural sector
mobile operators
objects remote monitoring etc.
The theme of the exhibition

Solar energy:

Solar photovoltaic modules.
Solar PV system.
Solar collectors.
Wind energy:

Of wind turbines.
Of the wind turbine.
Masts for measuring wind potential.
Anemometers and sensors to determine wind potential.
Design of wind farms.

Connection to the grid.
Service and maintenance.
Reconstruction of small HPPs.

Gas turbine power plant.
Gas piston setup.
A microturbine installation.
Installation running on other fuels.
Machine removals and fenkoyly.
Design, installation, commissioning and service.