X specialized exhibition "Heat. Water. The air in 2017"

The Exhibition ”Heat. Water. Air’ 2017” aims to provide an excellent opportunity to use experience of leading producers, to familiarize with the most modern heat-, energy-, resource-saving technologies and materials for production, installation, operation installation of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, water supply and sanitation, water treatment, advanced automation..

Special attention at the exhibition will be given to energy saving, restoring energy production technologies.

The exhibition will traditionally rich business program (seminars, presentations).

Thematic sections: 
heating; air conditioning; water supply and sanitation; drainage systems; sewage treatment plants and filters; plumbing; pumps; pipes and fittings; gas equipment; insulating materials; sealants, adhesives, varnishes, paints; primers; automation, metering devices and control instruments, accessories and materials; alternative energy; design and installation; software. 

The exhibitors – manufacturers and distributors of equipment and technologies for heating, water, ventilation of different regions of Ukraine and foreign companies.

Exhibitors will have the opportunity to present their projects, products and services, establish contacts with new partners, to consolidate the company's image, identify the level of demand for goods and services to achieve maximum benefit from participation in this event.

Visitors to the exhibition – installers, managers of installation, construction companies, utility companies, designers, end-users like the Western region and the whole Ukraine. The exhibition will provide an opportunity to obtain full information about the market, learn about new products and technologies, get trade information, establish contacts, compare and objectively evaluate the market offer.