A comprehensive study of the market of boilers of biomass in Ukraine is carried out within the framework of the Project "Development and commercialization of bioenergy technologies in the municipal sector in Ukraine". The aim of the Project is to accelerate the processes associated with the use of agricultural biomass in the sector of municipal heat supply and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The selection of subjects of research associated with what is now not enough. positive data on the state of the market and prospects of implementation of biofuel boilers in Ukraine. The dynamic development of the new sector of heat production from biomass national targets to increase the share of renewable energy sources, the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions require the determination of not only the current state of the sector and the prospects and extent of its development.

The conducted studies concern the market of biofuel boilers, the prevention of which a lot of manufacturers and sellers, and are based on the study and analysis of the production and consumption of the boilers in the period 2012 - 2015 Research covered the entire territory of Ukraine, excluding the temporarily occupied territories. Area of study - open market producers of goods and their competitiveness.

This study concerns the heat supply market that covers the district heating system, individual heating system of budgetary institutions and organizations of state, municipal and private forms of ownership where there are sources of heat production from biomass is used to meet the needs of both its own and third-party consumers of thermal energy - heating and hot water.

Biomass considered biologically renewable substance of organic origin products, waste and residues from forestry and agriculture (firewood, sawdust, chips, straw, husks, particularly pellets and briquettes). Beyond this study is left peat and products based on it, which decided not to consider biomass and mixtures of biomass with fossil fuels, including the organic part of municipal solid waste.

In the first section the overall analysis of a heat supply of municipal-fuel sector. Provides information about the number of power generation facilities and production of heat energy by region in previous years. Provides an overview of the market condition of production of thermal energy in the context of state regulation, the distribution licensees as by regions and activities, and provides General information about the licensees that produce heat energy from biomass. Based on the PESTEL analysis identifies the main factors influencing the market of production and consumption of boilers in Ukraine, which is the basis for the development of the plan of measures to promote market development of biomass boilers. Modeling for the evaluation of technical and economic indices of projects of production of thermal energy. We considered several scenarios of development of projects, identified key factors of influence on economic and investment effectiveness of projects and are the main technical and economic indicators.

The second section provides the results of a study production of biomass boilers in Ukraine. Considered the manufacturers of boilers, assortment and nomenclature of products. The data on technical and cost performance of the equipment and the main advantages and disadvantages of domestic equipment. Analyzed information on exporting domestic biomass boilers.

The issue of import of boilers, in particular boilers on biofuels, in recent years, examined in the third section. Estimated total market volume of imported boilers is based on estimates of the amount of equipment, its capacity and importing countries. Provides information about manufacturers of boilers and technical specifications and price of products. Identify countries and brands of boilers, occupying the leading positions in import volumes.

The fourth section identifies the main groups of consumers in municipal-fuel sector, investigated the state of the consumer market of biofuel boilers. The results of the research are analysed from the point of view of dynamics of implementation of the boilers. The data matrix was formed for each of the regions by number and unit capacity of boilers and boiler rooms in General, consumer groups, fuel types. On the basis of the survey identified the seasonality of demand for refrigeration equipment. The analysis of the market of consumers for the previous years showed the characteristic features and regularities of formation and functioning that allowed us to make assumptions about trends of development of this market in the future.

The fifth section investigated the PROSPECTS for implementation of boilers on the basis of statistical reports on the Ukrainian regions and the country as a whole.

The types of fuel and its consumption by boiler-houses. Studied the structure of heating sources (in the context of rural and urban settlements, the capacities of boilers) and the actual volume of production of thermal energy. Analysed the types of equipment, its effectiveness and level of wear. Separately determine the number and brands of boilers that can be replaced, reconstructed. Contains materials about the objects to which swim-rely installation of new boilers that will run on biofuel.

The final description of the market of boilers and its features is presented in the sixth section. On the basis of expert assessment of the predicted development of the market for boilers up to 2030 Determined maximum potential installed capacity of boilers according to the fuel, the deficit and non-deficit regions the amount of possible consumption of biomass. Detailed information about the production of thermal energy taking into account the following factors:

- power equipment

- the fuel consumption, the amount of replacement of gas and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the need for finances to implement the planned activities.

So, the conducted research of the market of boilers is the most thorough currently, however, the issue requires constant attention due to the rapid introduction of new projects. According to research results, made conclusions and generated recommendations for providing appropriate support for the development of production and introduction of biomass boilers in Ukraine.




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