The Dutch are going to produce biogas at a landfill near Lutsk 24.11.2016

   The Dutch company "Investmen Ozone" (Ozone Investment" LLC) intends to produce biogas at a landfill near Lutsk and produce electricity. Now on the ground in the village of Bryshche has already conducted test drilling, and gas samples analyzed in Germany, reports VIP.volyn.ua. 
   The luck for more than a year negotiating in the field of recycling, LLC "Ozon investment", a subsidiary of the Dutch Global Financial Health Resolutіon Services B. V.
   As noted Director of "Ozone biogas investment Lutsk" Vitaly Tton, the project degassing of the solid waste landfill in Bryshchi involves several stages. 
   "First you will drill 2-3 wells per hectare to a depth of 15-20 meters each, install pipes that will lead to gazizullina stations, - explains the expert. - After cleaning, the biogas can be converted into electricity, to put in the gas transportation system (however, in Ukraine it is prohibited), to compress and fill the cars." 
   Construction of a biogas plant the company intends to fully involve local businesses.
   According to Vitaly Tton, the project will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create new jobs, improve the ecological condition of the surrounding areas and will provide significant economic benefits.
   As said the lawyer, "Ozone biogas investment Lutsk" Maryna Nikolaychuk, the budget of the regional center will receive additional revenues. 
   "The project degassing of landfill in the village of Bryshche provides for the transfer of the balance of the Department of housing Lutsk 1.2 million annually in the form of cash or material assets, she explained. - Also, the company will annually pay 8% of the money collected by the "green tariff"". 
   In addition, the investor will pay taxes to the region.
   It is expected that the parties will sign a contract for 10 years. After the completion of the term of the contract "Ozone biogas investment Lutsk" is obliged to preserve all gas installations to prevent the release of methane into the atmosphere. According to Vitaly Ttony, now the company received a verbal "green light" from Racism village Council, but on the allocation of land for borzovo installation area of 0.4 hectares, the negotiations did not lead.
Therefore, "Ozone biogas investment Lutsk" is planning to coordinate with the district and village Council the issue of land lease. According to preliminary calculations, the construction of the plant will require about 14 months. It is expected that the preparatory work envisaged by the project will continue through 2017, and in 2018 will begin the actual degassing of the landfill.
    The Dutch company works in Ukraine for 4 years. 
   "Our main task is processing of landfill gas, which is formed by the decay of waste in urban landfills. This gas has significant environmental harm, increasing emissions of pollutants and intensifying the effect of greenhouse gases, - said Vitaly Tton. – In addition to the luck we intend to produce biogas in Kovel (21 November, will begin test drilling) and Chernivtsi. In Sumy work on degassing stopped, because the landfill is not electrified, and in Kropyvnyts'ke the project has not started because the site is very old."



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