In Chernihiv schools switched to pellets and briquettes from sunflower husk, sawdust and soybean 28.10.2016

In Chernihiv region, a significant number of schools almost entirely abandoned the coal and gas and switched to wood pellets and briquettes from sunflower husk, sawdust and soybean.

Local fuel has allowed educational institutions to significantly save funds, transfers Gorod.cn.ua. 

According to head of the Varvinsky Department of education Vladimir Kutovoy, Laska and Braginski school on solid fuel boilers in the last year purchased at mini-factory in the village of Ivkivtsi, Priluky district, briquettes from sunflower through the system Transparently.

"Certified products bring in bags, - says the teacher. Fuel type briquettes "Nestro" from sunflower husk, sawdust and soybean are burned to the ground, almost without emitting smoke and without leaving ashes."
According to Mr Corner, the new fuel has added work stoking the briquettes should throw every two hours, but is much cheaper than coal. "The events in the Donbass drowned anthracite (fraction of "seed"), - explains the expert. – Estimated caloric turns 1 to 2, but a ton of anthracite today is worth 4 thousand hryvnias, and a ton of briquette and a half".

In Gorodnyansky district schools operate boilers mixed type, which can operate on solid fuels and natural gas. As it is not very cold, stoked with wood, the frost grows stronger gas. This year the wood purchased for 550 UAH for 10 schlagmetal(approximately 0.75 cubic metre of dense wood).

In Bobrovitskiy school N1 in the past year have established a solid fuel boiler "sunflower" and save 141 thousand on heating. This year's solid fuel boilers are arranged in Ozeryany, Voron'ky, Staryi bykiv.

According to the chief of Bobrovitskiy Department of education, Stanislaus Lelenko in the region of the five schools have solid fuel boilers and about ten coppers mixed type.

"With the gas companies to cooperate was difficult obliged to check the counters that for 5 years did not work, took them to the regional center, in Chernihivgas not zapalovaci properly, check each cost 300 hryvnia, more than 10 declared unfit for use, - complains the teacher. – New in Chernigovgaz offered to buy for 10 thousand UAH each, and we purchased the plant two. However, they also need to check: the will pack and send to the plant - even though the manufacturer will check what's wrong with them". 
No better situation with coal, firewood for heating bought by tender in the summer to 300 hryvnia per cubic meter, Stanislav continues, Lelenco.

"We have found the company that will install in schools in their boilers briquettes from sunflower to hire firemen and fuel ride, and the interior temperature will be controlled through a computer network from Kiev, - says the teacher. – Thus, we pay exclusively used heat and will save - we have put this condition - of not less than 10% of the amount that went for gas."
For a large school is better than 300 cubic meters of firewood that need to be drank, chop where to put Stoke two firemen-retired not right, and teachers make have no right, - says Stanislav Losenko, noting that new boilers will only be next year - now we need to develop projects.

At the same time in a large school during the heating season takes 25-30 thousand cubic meters of gas.

In Ichnya district of solid fuel boilers in schools heated with wood, peat briquettes, agropolitan and chips. Acquired more than 500 cubic meters of firewood 70-180 UAH per cubic meter, peat briquettes at 550 UAH per ton without delivery of Smolinskaya peat plant, says the head of Ichnya of the Department of education Svetlana Nagornaya.

"Six schools toplu a boiler, - the woman speaks. – We signed a contract for heat supply to private enterprise, which brings agrobrite from sunflower husk and sawdust, and now paying for heat in calories out and a half times cheaper than gas, and warmer".
When heated with gas, in winter 16 degrees held, and now 17-19 degrees, said Svetlana Nagornaya. ""Agrotrade inter", which produces agricultural waste briquettes, will heat the school in the villages Balmasova, Huzhivka, Monastyryshche, Zaudaika, says the teacher. - And "Rostok holding" provided by the wood school in Guguti and the List that refused to coal, which is a little left over from last year - delivered 53 tons from the Lviv basin."

In Koryukovka schools heated with wood and peat briquettes, which carry with Rancho peat plant at 1087 hryvnia per ton. Firewood in Koryukovka forestry has purchased 184-224 hryvnia per cubic meter. Of the 18 schools in gas boilers there are two, one has already completed the installation of solid fuel boiler.

In the MENA area are mostly stoked with coal, wood, briquettes and pellets.

According to the head of MENA Department of education Victor Yemets, 75% of the boilers in the district use solid fuel.

"Sinking peat briquettes in small schools, where there are napitupulu boilers, - said the official. - Coal of grade DG bought in 1938 hryvnia per ton with delivery, mark "RV" – 2380 per tonne - supplies firm "Overpromote". On corposant "Runsewe" take pellets 1152 hryvnia per ton delivered pellets bought in Chernigov, while the company has not burned down - brought 60% ordered now will cancel the contract and conduct a new auction".
As says the head of Nizhyn Department of education Les Lozova district has adopted local solid fuels. "We heat with wood and peat briquettes, - says the teacher. In schools of the Novgorod-Seversky district, solid fuel boilers stoked with peat briquettes (1232 hryvnia/ton with delivery) and firewood from the forest".

School of Sosnitsky district heating exclusively with wood.


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