In the Donetsk region plan to produce fuel briquettes from sludge treatment facilities 09.12.2016

In Bahmut, Donetsk region plan to produce fuel briquettes from dried raw sludge sewage treatment plants.

A special workshop for the production of alternative fuels will open the project for large-scale reconstruction of treatment facilities, reports Donetsk OGTRK. 

According to preliminary calculations, the treatment plant will provide 5 tons of processed cake on the day. 

"After dewatering, the cake will be easier - said.. technologist of treatment facilities of the city of Bakhmut Vladimir Tsaruk. Over the summer we plan to collect not only for themselves but also for heating control water."
Fuel briquettes of sludge will allow the company to abandon coal. 

Now began the construction of a plant for the production of ecobike, which should be completed in spring 2017. 

For this project from the regional environmental Fund allocated 57 million.


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