In Vinnytsia oblast of the state forestries laid more than 200 hectares of "energy plantations" of fast-growing tree species 06.12.2016

On Vinnichiny state-owned forestry planted fast-growing species of trees over 200 hectares unsuitable for agricultural land use. 
As noted in the Vinnytsia OLMG, in the strict economy of gas and energy plantations mainly acacia will provide social institutions and residents of the region alternative fuels, reports the Vinnytsia regional state administration. 

Now foresters increased the sales of wood fuel, by reorienting a certain number of wood and forest residues for fuel needs. The price of wood is low, and the costs of their harvesting even slightly higher than for valuable assortments.

State enterprise "Vinnytsia forestry", "zhmerinsky forestry", "Tulinskoe LMG" have the choppers, manufactures and sells fire wood chipped. In storage, the state forestry sawn wood, of course they are dried and loaded onto transport users.

Administrative and production areas of the state forestries switched to wood heating and reduced gas usage to a minimum. During the reconstruction of the boiler foresters establish pyrolysis boilers long burning and high heat transfer coefficient.

In 2016, the enterprises of forestry Vinnytsia region implemented in the energy region 126,4 thousand cubic meters of wood.



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