The most powerful coal-fired power plants, Denmark has switched to biofuel 24.11.2016

Exclusively on the biomass now has the largest and most powerful coal-fired power plant Avedоre in Denmark. Her cameraman (DONG Energy) supplies heat and power to more than 215 thousand households in the area of greater Copenhagen, reports 24news.com.ua.

According to the state program by 2020, Denmark needs to produce 100% of electricity from "green" sources. The plant Avedоre are two units. He recently completed modernization of the equipment of the first, has an electric capacity of 250 MW. For all the work that transitions biofuel power plant, meets a Danish company VEKS. Concerning the second unit (with a capacity of 543 MW), it was transferred to biomass in 2014. So this fall, thermal power plants Avedоre completely switched from coal to biofuels



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