The Norwegians will create in the region the bioenergy center 24.02.2017

In the city Borshiv in the region, will create a Norwegian-Ukrainian center for bioenergy and management of local energy resources.

The project aims to increase the production and use of renewable energy is implemented by the international Foundation "energy farm" under the auspices of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway together with the NGO "Scientific-technical centre "Bioenergy", Ternopil regional state administration, the city Council and Barshcheuski Borschevsky agrotechnical College, reports the Ternopil regional state administration

Practical and theoretical training programmes for the development of renewable energy will be implemented on the basis of public organization "Scientific and technical centre "Bioenergy" and the Borshchiv agrotechnical College.

The project envisages the exchange of experience with the Nordic and European region in the use of biomass, waste processing, boiler construction, the nursery establishment of bioenergy crops, the preparation of agreements on the organization of the energy sector and the development of plans of cooperation.

Barshcheuski bioenergy the centre will also develop a rational infrastructure plan for the energy security of the Western region of Ukraine.

As noted by Deputy Chairman of the Ternopil regional state administration Oleg Valov, it is necessary to learn efficient use of available energy resources. 
"Ternopil oblast-level with Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk region is provided energy, now it is necessary to prepare specialists who are able to implement the theoretical developments," concluded the official.
According to the Chairman of the public organization "Scientific and technical centre "Bioenergy" Michael Romantica, Ternopil has a priceless opportunity to adopt useful experience, which will further contribute to the development of bioenergy in Ukraine. "Norway has advanced experience in the development of the renewable energy sector - said the expert. - Today has the resources and needs - it is only necessary to establish efficient logistics between them."


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