The UN offers Ukrainians to heat municipal sphere straw and seed hulls 21.10.2016

With the help of the UN special programme with funds of the Global environment facility some of the Ukrainian schools, kindergartens and other municipal buildings will winter in warmth, while still saving on heating, informs Analytical news service.

October 18 in the National ecological-naturalistic center of MES of Ukraine have launched three boilers that run on biofuel – straw pellets. Each has the capacity of 220 kilowatts, and together they will be able to heat 2200 square meters.

"Compared to last heating season, this year the Center will be able to save four and a half times more, – said the head of the project "Development and commercialization of bioenergy technologies in the municipal sector in Ukraine" Vladimir Lyashenko. – We know that in the past year he has purchased gas on a half million hryvnias, and today for the purchase of straw pellets required only 370 thousand hryvnias for the entire heating season."

According to the head of the project, the use of biofuels for Ukraine is not a novelty, but mainly for heating is wood:

"Given that the forest resources we have little need to diversify the supply of biomass, in particular straw, which is abundant in Ukraine. The straw can fully cover the needs in heating and hot water supply for the entire municipal sector," said Liashenko.
Ukraine is the largest exporter of grain, sunflower seeds and sugar beet in the world, and therefore must use their capabilities – impressive Deputy UN Secretary-General, the Director of the Regional Bureau for Europe and CIS United Nations development Programme Cihan Sultanoglu:

"We should not consider agricultural residues as a waste just throwing them. We need to use them."

Ukraine, along with 193 countries signed the UN program, which will operate until 2030.

"I am very pleased to see that Ukraine is working on weatherization and retrofitting of buildings, schools, government agencies, – said the representative of the United Nations. – All for Ukraine to become more energy efficient, and caused less harm to the environment. And the installation of biomass boilers for heating in 17 thousand schools will reduce energy costs by 60%".


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