The transition from gas to straw will help the Nenets in one season to save 1.1 million UAH 24.10.2016

In the National ecological-naturalistic center of learning youth of the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine has launched three large automated boilers on straw pellets.

The NENETS abandoned gas and switched to alternative fuels in the framework of the development of the United Nations, passed the " black sea news.

According to preliminary calculations, only commissioned boilers will allow the National ecological - naturalistic center to heat the air in classrooms to 20-22 degrees and save during the heating season, more than 1.1 million.

In addition, the transition to renewable energy will improve the environmental situation in the capital thanks to the reduction of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

By the way, the service life of such a boiler equipment is about 20 years.

As noted by the Deputy UN Secretary-General, the Director of the Regional Bureau for Europe and CIS United Nations development Programme Cihan Sultanoglu and the Minister of education and science of Ukraine Liliya Hrynevych at the opening ceremony of the boilers on straw pellets, bioenergy is one of the most promising renewable sources in Ukraine.

Last year in Uman and Zhitomir was established seven automatic biofuel boilers on straw pellets in a pilot project of UNDP. So for the second season in Uman straw is heated for two schools and a kindergarten, and in Zhytomyr - school, kindergarten and agroecological University.

As the press service of the UN development Program, the results of the heating season 2015-2016 bokoto not only established themselves as a great heating devices, but also can save significant budget funds. Thus, the replacement of gas in the straw pellets in only three schools helped Uman to save more than one million hryvnias, which was sent for the replacement of Windows in kindergarten and the purchase of new training equipment. Four biomass boilers installed in Zhitomir, annually save more than 2 million hryvnias.

Today, the volume of energy production from bioenergy sources in Ukraine is about 0.5% of the total primary energy supply - mainly due to firewood for domestic purposes, and also as fuel in forestry and wood industry, experts stress, noting that it's extremely low.

According to calculations of the Institute of engineering thermodynamics of the national Academy of Sciences, biomass in Ukraine could satisfy up to 9% of total primary energy consumption. At the same time, according to the calculations of the company "AVERS", if you collect all the straw, which remains on our fields after threshing, and processed into pellets, the latter should be enough to provide heat to every Ukrainian home.


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