In 2016, the region saved more than 28 million UAH due to the insulation of buildings and transition to biofuels 11.02.2017

In 2016, Chernihiv oblast saved over 28.3 million hryvnia due to introduction of energy efficiency measures and the transition to biofuels.

As of the first of January 2017 was partial thermo 875 3140 public sector buildings of Chernihiv region (27.9% of the total) and 246 buildings (7,8%) such work is already completed, reports Chernihiv regional state administration

As note in yeah, last year at 63 objects insulated facade, replaced Windows and doors in plastic.

"For natural gas savings in 59 facilities - industrial enterprises, providing heat energy, heat supply companies and budget institutions – conducted a reconstruction of boilers for use of alternative fuels, - note in yeah. - Thanks to the implemented measures, the area in annual savings of 2.7 million cubic meters of natural gas, or 3.1 thousand tons of conditional fuel."

As noted in the Chernihiv regional state administration, now the reconstruction of outdoor lighting using energy-saving lamps produced in 67.6% of the settlements. It is assumed that energy saving lighting will enable the region to save 700 thousand hryvnia per year.

In addition, In the Chernihiv region is constantly expanding the production capacity for the production of alternative fuels.

"In 2016 the investor's funds - 15 million hryvnia - built factory on manufacture of fuel briquettes with a capacity of 2000 tons per year, - noted in regional administration. As raw materials use waste wood and agricultural production".

To conserve energy attached and Chernigov. "In the framework of government initiatives, more than 1,700 individuals in the regional administration of JSC "Oschadbank" regional directorates of JSB "Ukrgasbank" and branch of JSC "Ukreximbank" has received on the introduction of energy efficiency measures the loans in the amount of 25 million hryvnias, - noted in the Chernihiv regional state administration. – Overall in 2016 by the introduction of energy conservation measures, the region has saved 30,5 thousand tons of conditional fuel in the amount of 28.3 million hryvnias".

For 2016-2017 in the budget for the Program of incentives for implementation of energy efficient measures of the population, associations of condominiums and housing cooperatives there are 2 million.

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