In Bucovina, the village organized the first in the area of production of straw pellets 03.10.2016

In Vanczak novoselitskogo district was established only in the Chernivtsi region the production of fuel pellets from straw.

Line for the production of biofuels has launched a 75-year-old Stepan Glor, who heads agrovirobnicha private-rental enterprise, which includes the firm "Vanicky Golden ear", reports Young bukovynets.

Efficient utilization of agricultural wastes Manager made the growth of energy prices. "We have up to 2000 hectares of arable land, farmed almost all the grain group, i.e., straw in abundance, - says Stepan Phor. – A ton of our pellets is 1,700 hryvnia, and replaces seven cubic meters of firewood."

The production of straw pellets was organized on the former snowclad area of 1200 square meters, says the entrepreneur.

"Equipment worth about two million ordered in the factory in Kamenets-Podolsk, - says Stepan Phor. - But still have the straw baled, shred, therefore the whole production line at a cost of four million hryvnias". 

According to Stepan Phora, in the production of fuel pellets chemicals do not use. "Straw is ground in a centrifuge and flows into the main machine that extrudes it into pellets resembling cigarettes, says the Executive. – Add just a little water to the compression was better."

Equipment that takes up little space, serves a change from the four to five workers.

Now the plant produces 2.5 thousand tons of pellets per year, using only its own raw materials.

"Our products are already interested in many consumers, one of which - heating Chernivtsi, - says Stepan Phor. - Production capacity of the line is such that the volume of production can be doubled, but everything will depend on the needs of the market."


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