For the money the EBRD to build a powerful biofuel boiler with the cogeneration plant 27.02.2017

For the next heating season. plans to launch a powerful biofuel boiler with the cogeneration plant.

Reconstruction of the boiler on the street Trolleybus, 40A is held in the framework of the project, which is funded by the European Bank for reconstruction and development, reports Правда.if.ua. 

As noted by the mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk Ruslan Martsinko, the updated object with the biofuel boiler with a capacity of 4MW will provide warmth and all year hot water in the Center. 

 "Today in the city are operational on biofuels, which serve fairly limited sector - said the mayor. – We aim to scale to upgrade the heating system and not depend on gas prices, may allow to reduce the tariff for the population". 

Lithuania firm "Enerstena," which became the winner of the tender will establish its own production equipment.

Now boiler room is on the street Pasichna, 40A complete, with enough room for the new equipment, said Ruslan Martsinko. 

"Construction work on the expansion of the Foundation - additional space is required for storage of wood chips on which to run the object - explains the mayor. – Besides in the room will set convertino installation to provide electricity to the boiler".
Commissioning of the biofuel boiler is on plan to start in the summer to the heating season to enter the facility. 

As noted by the Director of DMP "Ivano-Frankivskteplocomunenergo" Basil Ruschak, projects on alternative fuels will provide the Franko hot water throughout the year. 

"In the summer "Naftogaz" us fuel has not, so we focus on energy independence, says the public utilities. As a result, the residents of our city will not feel discomfort due to the lack of hot water".
In Frankivsk plans to launch another biofuel boiler on the street. ... In the framework of the EBRD and a grant from the Swedish Agency Sida".


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