У Камянець-Подільскому потужність котлів на пелетах із соломи, дерева та щепи досягне 18,9 МВт 11.03.2017

In Kamenetz-Podolsk transferred all the objects of the heat power complex in solid biofuels. 

The regional center has an effective alternative to natural gas thanks to the projects implemented by communal enterprise "Gorteploenergo" and investments of international financial organizations, according to Kamenetz-Podolsk Online. 

According to the mayor of Kamyanets-Podilsky Michael Smushkevich, soon the total capacity of solid fuel boilers in the city will be 18.9 MW. 
"In the 2011-2016 years we have managed to modernize the equipment and commissioning of six boilers for solid fuels - pellets from straw, wood pryshchepa total capacity of 11.47 MW - explains the mayor. – Continuing the reconstruction of the boiler on the street. Timiryazeva,123, where a solid fuel boiler capacity of 2.5 MW." 
The proud and the construction of modern thermal power plant which will produce thermal and electric energy, gas and solid fuel boilers, continues Michael Simashkevich. "The project, which is implemented at the expense of world Bank credit and deserves the title of exclusive, involves the installation of the turbine module ОRС(Organic Rankine Cycle – organic Rankine cycle), which is unique in the use of liquid temperature of 200°C, says the mayor. - Kamenetz will be the fifth in the world and only the third city in Europe to use this modern method of production of thermal energy".

Using local solid fuel, Kamianets-Podilskyi save the budget money of the country, said Michael Simashkevich. 
"The cost of production of thermal energy for wood chips is 904,97 UAH./Gcal, while the production of heat in the gas reaches 1516,19 UAH./Gcal - explains the mayor. – However, as the main source of solid fuel for the boiler we are considering today straw, tons of which are annually burned in the fields, because the chips we might have enough, but our children and grandchildren – hardly".
Now the objects of the heat power complex of Kamyanets-Podilskyi associated with "Unified energy ring" system is a private cable networks municipal enterprise for power supply of objects of a heat supply, water supply and sanitation electricity of its own production, says Michael Simashkevich. 
"The scale of one hundred thousandth of the city we were able to achieve energy independence - said the mayor. – To assess the benefits of implemented projects managed during the so-called "fan" blackouts: when some areas of the city for two hours remained without electricity, "Gorteploenergo" never stopped any object - people around the clock was getting warm and the water clock work of sewage pumping station".
Such independence could reach every city of Ukraine, Mikhail, Simashkevich.

The upgraded facilities of heat and power engineering, Kamenetz-Podolsk attracts delegations of Ukrainian cities, which strive to get rid of gas dependence. "Recently, our experience is studied colleagues from Uman who are just starting this way - About the success of Kamianets already know all over Ukraine and even beyond its limits - caught in the lens of a film crew from Sweden".

According to the mayor of Kamyanets, the development of alternative energy should encourage the state. "It is necessary to carry out complex work and to invest to support scientists and manufacturers of equipment for boiler-houses, - said Mikhail Simashkevich. - Then we can talk about reduction of tariffs for the population".



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