In Truskavets, earned the largest in Lviv boiler pryshchepa 24.11.2016

   In Truskavets on-site Medical rehabilitation center of MIA of Ukraine "pearl of the Carpathians" was opened the largest in Lviv boiler pryshchepa, which will save 420 тисм3газу during the heating season.
Heat-and-power facility with a capacity of 1.5 MW installed by the company "Eco-Optima", reports the Lviv regional state administration. 
Boiler house equipped with boilers KALVIS - 950M1 performance of 950 kW and KALVIS - 500M1 capacity of 500 kW with automated fuel LLC "Volyn-Kalvis". 
   Each boiler of the Ukrainian-Lithuanian production are equipped with a fan for supplying primary and secondary air for combustion, conveyor and movable grate bars. The boilers are equipped with cyclones with the degree of purification of flue gases 85-86%.
It is assumed that during the heating season the period of 2016-2017 modern solid fuel boiler will allow you to replace 420 thousand cubic meters of gas and save 15% of the budget is about 1 million hryvnia. 
Installation works on installation of equipment and laying of heat networks began in the spring of 2016. Total investment in Truskavets boiler pryshchepa was $ 6 million.
   As noted during the opening of the facility, the Chairman of the Lviv regional state administration Oleg synyutka, the project aims to increase the energy independence of Ukraine. 
  "Even small towns can do big steps to energy independence of the country, - said the head region. - Thanks to solid-fuel boiler with high-tech equipment of the Ukrainian manufacturer of Lviv in annual savings of about 1 million hryvnia." 
   In 2015, the "Eco-Optima" and MRC "pearl of the Carpathians" signed a Memorandum of cooperation. In the course of negotiations on the arrangement of the boiler on wood chips, the parties agreed that the heat energy from the solid fuel should be cheaper for thermal energy from gas to 10-15%.



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