Craftsman from Alexandria produces pyrolysis boilers burning even the garbage 13.11.2016

Peter Florence from Alexandria(Kirovograd region) makes efficient pyrolysis boilers that burn even straw, dead leaves and household garbage.

As noted 54-year-old craftsman, the unit operates on the principle of stoves and conventional coal-fired boiler reports "Shark".

"The heat you can turn any fuel: wood chips, reed, straw, chaff, leaves, and trash, which are in every household, says Peter Filonenko. – It is impossible to smoke the rubber and bituminous coal, although brown coal use is not prohibited."

The combustion temperature in the system is 1500 degrees, says the master. "When the boiler is almost no products of combustion, need to clean it one or two times a week - said the craftsman. For comparison, a conventional coal boiler requires twice the products of combustion than pyrolysis".

Such a boiler allows Peter Florence to heat the house and a workshop for 50 hryvnia per month. "Quite a load of fuel per day, says Alexandria. Mostly it's rubbish, waste of an Elevator or leaves that are blowing the neighbors," reports "Kirovograd". 

Peter Filonenko began to produce pyrolysis boilers on the garbage five years ago when there was a necessity to save gas. Currently, such devices warm the house relatives and friends alexandrite.

For 5 years, Alexandria has produced more than fifty boilers – one need two weeks. Handyman helps 30-year-old son Oleg and 7-year-old grandson Yegor.

Peter Flanco produces boilers for industrial and household needs. The value of industrial is 70 thousand hryvnias, household – 19-25 thousand.

Now for the "Flame" - the master signs its products in Alexandria come from all over Ukraine.

The Alexandria sells its own products through private enterprise "workshop of Peter Filonenko". In the Arsenal of the handyman there is also a special drobka for branches of "Beetle", which is operated by the usual hand-assembled tractor.


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