Ukraine plans to produce biogas and bioethanol from waste of sugar factories 04.01.2017

In Ukraine intend to mass produce biogas and bioethanol from waste sugar factories.

As acknowledged by the Chairman of NASU "Ukrtsukor" Andriy Dykun, such plans have already begun to materialize, reports Источник.info

"In December, in the Volyn region earned the first enterprise in the country, which produces bioethanol from sugar beet pulp, - he stressed. - Today we will depart from the practice of drying bagasse, because such a product is not in demand on the world market".

According to Andriy Dykun, today the key players of the sugar market produce biogas or bioethanol. 
"The support from the state, given the current situation in Ukraine can not count, our only chance to be competitive in the world market, to invest in reconstruction and modern technologies, - the expert explains. – This approach practiced the entire industry, which is now in the country, this season they worked up to 36 and this time works 8". 
In 2016, the sugar industry produced about 2.5 million tons of sugar, which is 600 thousand tons more than in 2015(1 million 400 MT), the Chairman of NASU "Ukrtsukor".
"We have 325 thousand carryover in 2015 and 67 thousand tons of sugar in the Agrarian Fund, - said Andriy Dykun. – Sugar is more than enough, and the price stays at the same level as last year."
Now Ukrainian companies export sugar in Tunisia, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and, traditionally, Georgia.



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