Vinnytsia Torlopova boiler room has become an example for Ukraine in the question of the substitution of gas 24.10.2016

In Vinnitsa on the street Bazhenov wood boiler which provides heat and hot water to residents of a neighborhood, has become an example for Ukraine in the question of the replacement gas.

On the basis of the facility by the State Agency for energy efficiency and conservation jointly with the Vinnitsa city Council, with the support of USAID project "Municipal energy reform in Ukraine" organized a seminar on practical experience in the production of thermal energy from alternative energy sources, reports VMR.

Thanks to the commissioning of the solid fuel boiler house on the street. Bazhenova, which marked the completion of the modernisation of the heating system in the street of M. Shimko (formerly Karl Marx street) and the neighborhood Tagilov, residents of more than 3 thousand apartments get quality services in heating and hot water, and the use of solid biofuels allows the regional center to essentially save money on gas savings. Moreover, wood allows to diversify the sources of supply of fuel, which contributes to the energy independence of the heatsupplying enterprises.

As noted by the Chairman of the State Agency for energy efficiency Sergey Savchuk, the launch of the Vinnytsia boiler can be an example for the whole Ukraine. "These facilities give hope that in addition to 7.5 billion cubic meters of gas, which we saved for two heating seasons, you can continue to save, continue to replace - said the expert. - "Teplokommunenergo", at least to replace 3 billion cubic meters of gas and does not withdraw a penny of currency of Ukraine".

According to Sergey Savchuk, Saee accumulating the relevant legislative framework that will allow to create favorable conditions for investors and business in this area. "Recently in the first reading approved the bill No. 4334 relatively stimulate the production of thermal energy from alternative energy sources, which guarantees investors a return on their investment due to the fixed tariff for biofuels, explains the head of the Agency. - Fixation rate occurs with a ten percent discount from the gas rate, i.e. the population receives 10% tariff is cheaper, and the investor is guaranteed to return your money".

Installation of boiler-houses on wood street Bazhenov is one of the stages of the ambitious project, which is being implemented in Vinnytsia financial and consulting assistance of Swiss partners. Now in the regional centre under the auspices of the Swiss Confederation upgrading another neighborhood – in the streets of Kiev and S. Sulinskogo (former St. Tarnogrodskogo). In 2016, the project is already installed 68 ITR and replaced about 8 km of heating network. The next year is planned the modernization of the gas boiler and the start of construction of solid fuel capacity of 3.3 MW.

In General, after the implementation of the Swiss project in 3 districts the quality of services of heat supply will improve in 158 residential houses, 5 kindergartens, 4 schools, 3 hospitals.


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