In Ukraine, more than 100 enterprises producing biomass boilers 13.11.2016

In Ukraine more than one hundred companies producing biomass boilers. This is stated in a comprehensive study conducted in the framework of UNDP project in Ukraine "Development and commercialization of bioenergy technologies in the municipal sector of Ukraine", reports Alternative energy. 

According to the document, depth of the item of individual producers up to 100 items. "The main share of domestic equipment has a capacity of 100 kW and is focused on the use of wood and fuel pellets, says a study. - Much less suggestions for equipment on wood chips and agrovoc". 

The emergence of a large number of manufacturers Bikulov for the domestic sector is associated with rising natural gas prices, simplicity and low requirements to the production equipment, as well as preferential loans under the state program "warm loans."

Interactive map of manufacturers of biofuel boilers in Ukraine contains information about the major manufacturers of heating and industrial boilers using as fuel biomass - firewood, pellets, briquettes, straw, husk.

The unit cost of domestic equipment with power up to 100 kW, works on wood, is in the range of 25-35 $/kW, capacity of over 100 kW in the range from 11 to 21 $/kW pellet - 11-35 $/kW.

For 2012 - 2015, Ukraine imported about 30 thousand of biomass boilers with a total capacity of 1134 MW, of which 96% for boilers with capacity less than 100 kW. The number of brands represented on the Ukrainian market leader of Poland, Turkey and Czech Republic.

The unit cost of imported equipment which runs on wood, with a capacity of 0.1 MW is in the range of 22-62 $/kW. Imported from abroad, boilers for pellets with a power of 0.1 MW can be purchased at a price from 84 to 366 $/kW boilers with a capacity of 0.5 MW from 141 to 286 $/kW, the boilers of 1 MW, from 137 to 226 $/kW.

According to the volume of the market of biomass boilers by 2020 will be about $700 million, and by 2030 - not less than $1.2 billion for needs us $3.5-6 billion Annual market demand of boilers ranges from 500 to 2000 units with a total capacity of 600-1500 MW.

The production and use of biomass boilers is actively developing. According to studies, a major consumer of boilers is the household sector, however, the greatest development potential is the market of boilers for district heating systems.

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