VIII international investment forum "energy Efficiency and renewable energy" (1 and 2 November 2016 in Kiev at the NSC "Olympic") 05.11.2016

1 and 2 November 2016 in Kyiv at NSC "Olimpiyskiy" State Agency on energy efficiency and energy saving of Ukraine held a large-scale specialized public event — the VIII international investment forum "energy Efficiency and renewable energy".

Ukraine is clearly committed to overcoming the energy dependence. Therefore, priorities were and there is a reduction in gas consumption, its substitution with alternative fuels and renewable energy sources, the widespread introduction of energy efficiency measures. To do this, the country has considerable potential. Its implementation will mean for Ukraine reducing gas dependency, economic growth, creation of new jobs, additional revenues to local budgets, and most importantly - the welfare of Ukrainians!

As noted by the Chairman of the Saee Serhiy Savchuk, already improving the legislative base, created favourable conditions for business. Particularly interesting is the domestic market for "green" projects will be investor. "Made the strategic National action plans for energy efficiency and renewable energy by 2020. The investment potential of the renewable energy market is about 16 billion euros by 2020, and the sphere of energy efficiency - about 35 billion euros," - stressed the Chairman.

Uniting the efforts of business and government, international donors and experts and solve urgent problems in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy will help the business platform of the international investment business forum.

Key issues of the Forum were:

- Renewable energy: development prospects and effective mechanisms of investment attraction

- Reducing energy dependence of Ukraine: to abandon the consumption of gas actually

- Energy efficiency in housing: successful changes.

- Energoservice in the budget sphere: the first successes, the prospects for improvement and potential investment

- Energy efficiency and energy management in industry: the development of the economy-from enterprises to the state

- Competitive market for the production of heat. Prospects for Ukraine.

The Forum worked its own "Exposition of energy efficiency decisions", where companies working in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy, has demonstrated a solution for utilities, apartment buildings, municipalities, budgetary institutions, commercial structures and the private sector.

Also, for the first time to potential investors, participants and guests of the Forum acted Investment HUB – a communication platform for presentation of investment potential of Ukraine and are ready investment projects of "green" energy.

The forum will showcase the achievements of Ukraine in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy, to discuss current challenges facing business and investors in the implementation of projects, as well as to establish cooperation with local authorities in the direction of substitution of consumption of gas.

This year the two-day Forum was joined by about 1,000 participants: heads of regional, district administrations and cities, public institutions, condominiums, representatives of the international community, business and expert community, Russian and foreign manufacturers, potential investors and the public.

"We are convinced that the experience between the participants of the Forum will be useful in daily practical implementation of energy efficiency measures and use of renewable sources of energy. Encourage all participants to join the collaboration. Because only together we will make Ukraine a non-volatile", - said the Chairman.


Presentation materials of the speakers at the VIII International investment forum "energy Efficiency and renewable energy" can be viewed at the link:

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